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The World's Safest Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression generators.

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X-Tinguish XT-250 aerosol generator

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Total weight.                 2.5kg. / 5.8lbs.

Compound weight       250g

Volume coverage         2.5m³  (88.3Cu.Ft.)

Discharge time             45 seconds

Activation method        Electrical

Dimensions                   3.54” (9cm) x 7.48” (19cm.)

Operational Temp.       -40°C(-40°F) to 70°C (158°F)

Toxicity                          None

Specific Gravity            1.2 - 1.5 gr/cm3

Combustion velocity    1.1-1.2mm/sec.

Aerosol color:                white/light grey

Shell                               Stainless Steel

Shelf Life:                       15 years

SUPPRESSALL™ Fixed Aerosol generators have been engineered to be the safest most robust units of their type today.  Each XT unit is simply efficient and safe. During a deployment, the casing remains at a temperature you can touch. All casing is made of the highest grade Stainless Steel. The science is in the unit and the results are proof of that. 

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SUPPRESSALL™Fire Suppression Systems for Transportation

SUPPRESSALL™ Fire suppression systems for transportation can be installed throughout any gas or diesel vehicle as well as battery cell protection in electric vehicles.

SUPPRESSALL™ Fire suppression systems for transportation are all non-pressurized. The units are totally self-contained and unlike many fire suppression systems for transportation, they do not require storage tanks. Our systems are engineered to have a small footprint, need very little maintenance, and are extremely easy to install. To date, SUPPRESSALL™ Fire suppression systems for transportation are installed in hundreds of vehicles including buses, trucks, heavy equipment, cars, vans and mining equipment.

SUPPRESSALL™ Fire suppression systems for transportation are effective against Class A ,B ,C fires. Utilizing heat detection, when the installed detector detects a preset heat factor, the system is triggered into alarm and the entire enclosure is totally flooded with SUPPRESSALL™ Aerosol.

All systems are available with heat detection, electrical harnesses, mounting hardware, control panels and SUPPRESSALL™ aerosol generators.

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