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Carry case with custom foam

X-Tinguish X-Treme case inside
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RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: The hard polymer plastic exterior of the case protects your FS2 from general wear-and tear. Convoluted and closed cell foam inside provides additional support.

SECURE CLOSURES: This case is designed with two snap-tight locking points. The multiple lock system keeps your FS2 safe and secure, even during transport.

SPECIFICATIONS: Interior dimensions are 15.25" (383.35mm)x4.8" (121.92mm)x11"(279.4mm) 

TYPE: Tactical & Military


  • Convoluted foam part die cut to fit case                                                             (16" x 12.25 x .75 in 30I00 charcoal urethane).

This lid installed foam is constructed with a ridged design that has peaks and valleys. Often called egg crate foam, convoluted foam is lighter than a solid piece of foam and allows for added airflow. 

  • 1.7 Lb. p.e. die cut frame with offset rectangle.

When you need a reliable solution that is exceptionally durable in construction, our Polyethylene Foam Sheets- 1.7LB are the perfect solution. Made with quality material with a particular nature, this is a long-lasting option ideal for a range of projects.

One of the more durable options on the market, this polyethylene foam is a strong closed-cell foam. Exceptionally well suited as a material or a component material in shock absorbing products, this closed-cell padding is also an effective way to dampen some of the effects of vibrations for sensitive packaging. The ability to absorb impacts and vibrations makes these Polyethylene Foam inserts ideal for any packages which may receive indelicate handling or require long-distance transportation. When you need extra protection from vibrations!

X-Tinguish X-Treme case handle
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