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Introducing New Advances in firefighting!
Aerosol Fire Suppression Tool

The World’s Most Advanced Aerosol Firefighting Tool!



Seconds count when a fire breaks out!


The SUPPRESSALL™ FS2 is designed for mobile total flooding fire suppression applications on land and sea. The SUPPRESSALL™ FS2 is a highly effective tool for the suppression of early stage and fully developed fires; preventing flash-over and back-draft. 

Early use of the SUPPRESSALL™ FS2 will knockdown the flames, greatly reduce the temperature (by as much as 1,000°F in 60 seconds or less), reduce the need for water by as much as 80% and stop the fires propagation.

The unit offers dual protection for Firefighters as it will lower the temperature to under the self-ignition temperature of the fire gasses. The second safety feature is the aerosol itself; once it is active in the atmosphere, the fire gasses present are inerted and cannot be ignited.

The SUPPRESSALL FS2 and it's predecessors have been installed in thousands of locations globally. The units are in-use from New Zealand to the Arctic Circle covering the globe on every continent except Antarctica.

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Total weight……………………………13.00Lbs. / 6.3 kg. 

Compound weight…………………. ...5.40 Lbs. / 2.4kg.  

Volume coverage……………………  ≤ 5,300cu.ft. / 150 m³  

Discharge time………………………...30 seconds  

Activation method………………...….Manual pull pin 

Operational to………………………...-65°F / -55°C below zero 





Fire Suppression Tool Training
Firefighters and First Responders

The SUPPRESSALL™ FS2 (Aerosol Fire Suppression Tool) is used by Firefighters, Police, Armed forces and First Responders as a highly effective suppression tool against early stage and fully developed fires. The SUPPRESSALL™ FS2 is non-pressurized and is deployed manually by pulling a pin which will set off an electronic ignition system.


After triggering the SUPPRESSALL™ FS2 generator, an aerosol mist is generated, which expands volumetrically, flooding the space and suppressing the flames within seconds. The SUPPRESSALL™ FS2 is designed for the use on class A, B,C fires.

the facts.... The SUPPRESSALL™ FS2

  • Offers extraordinary knock down as well as fast suppression capabilities

  • Reduces temperatures by as much as 1,000°F in 60 seconds

  • Can cut water usage by as much as 80%, when used properly

  • The aerosol compound is SNAP listed by the US EPA 

  • Is environmentally friendly  (ODP  0%, GWP  0%)

  • Does not reduce or deplete (O²) oxygen

  • Can eliminate flashover and backdraft

  • Is Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive and Non-Conductive

  • Highly Efficient and Suitable against A-B-C class fires

  • IS NOT  pressurized!

  • Has a 10-year battery 

  • Has a 15 year shelf life                                             

  • Includes a new “R-pin” that protects the igniter pin from                      being accidentally removed.

  • LED light turns red when the unit is activated!

The X-Tinguish FST is uncomparable when used in an enclosed attic!

Class A

Class B

Class C


a few videos...

class a.png

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Correct and timely usage of SUPPRESSALL™ FS2 can prevent and / or significantly reduce the damage caused by fires. The SUPPRESSALL™ FS2 allows its user the ability to mitigate the danger posed by flash-over and back-draft to firefighters and first responders. While no device can prevent or totally suppress the harmful effects of a fire, the SUPPRESSALL™ FS2 is a unique way to combat fires and represents a giant advance in fire-suppression technology from water or other chemical-based methods.


The SUPPRESSALL™ FS2 is a small, portable unit that contains potassium based chemical components.  It is designed to be a first-use method to combat class A, B, C fires. 


When the device is deployed at the scene of a fire, the SUPPRESSALL™ FS2 releases a cloud of aerosol containing the potassium components, interrupting the chain reaction in the flame.

When utilized and deployed according to the instructions in the Operation Manual, the SUPPRESSALL™ FS2 provides an extremely effective method of fire suppression.

About video one:

Two videos from two different cameras. We used a FLIR K53 Thermal Imaging Camera and a GoPro Hero 9 to give the best quality view of what exactly happens inside the Flash-over chamber when the the aerosol unit is used on a violent fire.

You will see the GoPro Hero9 video first and then the exact time frame from the FLIR K53. Pay attention to the colors in the background during the FLIR video. Deeper red tones indicate a much hotter area than yellow. The chamber has been burning for about 50 minutes to an hour when this video was taken, The metal walls have had plenty of time to heat up and retain the higher temps. This will be indicated by yellow. You will notice that within a very short time span the reds and oranges will completely disappear. This ,along with the numerical data show that heat is being eliminated from the sealed chamber in quick fashion. 

After the aerosol tool is deployed, there is an 8-second digital countdown before the unit activates. Once activated, the units condensed aerosol fire suppression takes over. It releases a potassium based fire suppressant that is non-toxic and also poses no problem to the environment.

Within 60 seconds the temperature will drop up to 1,000°F / 538°C and the flames will be knocked down and held. 

Members of the Fire Suppression Industries team have been involved with this technology since 2009. Our motto is "Innovative Fire Suppression systems". The SUPPRESSALL™ FS1 makes sense for just about every industry on land and sea.

About video two:

When  deployed, this is what will happen within 60 seconds after the unit deploys.










































 / SUPPRESSALL™ is a Trademark of Fire Suppression Industries, LLC. / Copyright© 2024 Fire Suppression Industries, LLC  All Rights Reserved.


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