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Fire suppression systems for mining applications

Mining and mineral processing facilities represent significant fire and explosion exposures to both personnel, production equipment and buildings. From a personnel safety standpoint, underground mining has been by far the global loss leader in fatalities and injuries for all industries (source: NFPA).


Fire Suppression Industries can help these facilities by offering fire detection and fire suppression systems for mining vehicles and buildings (e.g. switchgear rooms). SUPPRESSALL systems will allow you to significantly reduce the hazard to your personnel and at the same time prevent financial losses due to down times.


Fire Suppression Industries offers its customers only the best solutions available in the market. All solutions for mining applications have been carefully reviewed with regards to quality, durability, environment, personal safety, international certification and costs.

     No matter what type of machine you have,

     we have a solution for you.


  • Mining / Mining equipment

    • Excavators

    • Trains / transport

    • Dump trucks

      • End dump

      • Center dump

      • Articulating

    • Bulldozers

      • Track

      • Wheeled

    • Draglines

      • All sizes

    • Drills

    • Loaders

      • Track

      • Wheel

    • Graders

    • Scrapers

      • Single engine

      • Dual engine

      • Elevating

      • Pull-type

  • Tractor

    • Cable/ hammer

  • Continuous miners

  • Haul trucks

  • Personnel carriers

  • Scalers

  • Scooptrams

  • Shotcreter

  • Shuttlecars

  • Water trucks

  • Mixers

    • Transmix

    • Remix

  • Lifts

  • Shovels

  • Electric

  • Hydraulic

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