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Fire suppression systems for Industrial Machinery

The damage caused by a machine fire can inflict substantial losses on a machine shop. Sometimes the entire facility is a total loss. Left undetected, a machine fire can quickly spread to neighboring equipment or to the building’s structure. Even when the building sprinkler system activates, the machine, and often much more, may be destroyed.


Most milling, turning and grinding equipment is designed to be as safe as possible. However, many of these machines use large amounts of oil-based coolants, making them susceptible to the risk of fire. Excessive heat, programming mistakes, tool failures or other causes can turn a normal CNC operation into a hazardous situation. Fires in electrical discharge machining (EDM) equipment can result from a drop in oil level or other anomaly. In any machining operation with coolant oil and oil vapor present, a single spark can cause a flash fire.


The risk of a fire can be even greater when running lights-out or when an operator leaves a machine unattended. A small fire that is quickly detected and extinguished may cause some minor damage and unscheduled downtime. Left unchecked or undiscovered for even a short period of time, the same fire can destroy equipment, ruin a building and endanger lives.


Flash fires in machines using oil-based fluids require fast action. Yet tight schedules and slim margins have forced many plant managers to run some machines unattended, which greatly increases the danger from undetected fires. However, even when an operator is present, a machine can be completely engulfed by a flash fire in seconds.


Many shop owners expect employees to control the situation using portable extinguishers. This may be an unrealistic expectation. A machine fire can unnerve even the coolest operator. Moreover, any fire large enough to damage a machine can jeopardize worker safety.  


Fire Suppression Industries offers fire suppression and extinguishing systems that can help you significantly reduce and eliminate these risks. Protecting both compartment and/ or equipment, Fire Suppression Industries will offer you a system that is selected and designed specifically for these high demand applications.


As all round supplier of fire suppression systems, Fire Suppression Industries offers tailored fire detection and suppression systems for control rooms, electrical rooms, switch gears and data centers. Every fire safety solution offered by Fire Suppression Industries is carefully reviewed based upon quality, durability, effectiveness, consequential damages, environment, personal safety and costs.

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